What better way to experience Bulgaria than by travelling in one’s own motorhome? An organized camping trip offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the amazing Bulgarian scenery, meet up with locals and learn about the country and its people. Sitting around a campfire and gazing at the twinkling stars after a day of exploring will take everyone back to their childhood.

Our classic camping holidays include the best of Bulgaria’s cultural and natural attractions. We offer the perfect combination of personal freedom and the pleasure of driving to unknown places.

Campsites are selected for their scenery and convenient location. Some of them are close to national parks or on the coast, making it easy to explore the natural beauty and see parts of Bulgaria not seen by other tourists. Waking up at a campsite to the smell of freshly brewed coffee amongst beautiful natural surroundings provides an unforgettable experience.

Most campsites have modern conveniences and facilities such as small restaurants, coffee and snack bars, and some also have outdoor pools, laundry facilities and free WiFi. All have hot water and toilets. Sometimes we use small rustic campsites in order to stay in some of the most remote and beautiful areas in Bulgaria.

Each group is appointed an experienced guide who serves also as a navigator.

Our tours usually include pre-booked day trips by bus to local tourist attractions, group lunches or dinners. At the campsites we can organize group breakfasts, evening entertainment with folk music and dancing, and Bulgarian cooking demonstrations. If a vehicle develops a fault, we assist in providing vehicle support services.

With over 15 years’ experience and unrivalled knowledge, we’re committed to bringing you the finest group adventures possible in Bulgaria. Let us create a custom-made private group tour that your clients will never forget!

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